• Investment models for retrofitting hotels including incentive programmes and rewards for achieving energy efficiency
  • Benchmarking Dubai hotel energy efficiency using the DTCM monthly hotel tracking data -  Setting new standards for carbon footprint
  • Hotel energy efficiency solutions to enable energy saving and lean hotel operations
  • Evaluating the potential impact of replacing standard solutions (pumps, bulbs, valves etc) with smart automated solutions – presenting an impact assessment with cost saving analysis
  • Preparing for Dubai 2020 through renovation and improvement in hotel energy performance through retrofitting cost-effective smart technology
  • Evaluating hotel design to identify areas of potential energy leak and to avoid over design or infiltration
  • Façade design and material selection to manage external heat transfer and to reduce cooling requirements
  • Regulations and standards as part of Dubai Sustainable Tourism Programme
  • Retrofit program for Dubai’s hospitality industry
  • How to achieve reduced operating costs and improve sustainable performance through retrofit requirements
  • Criteria before retrofitting (brand standards, regulations, market needs and risk management)
  • Case studies from leading hotel chains on retrofitting for energy and water efficiency 
  • Detailed understanding of the latest operational sustainability measures that can be implemented in their retrofitting properties
  • Managing refurbishments in phases within a live hotel environment

The conference programme is currently being researched and developed.

If you feel that you have an exciting project or case-study to share and would like to be considered as a speaker, or to suggest a topic that you feel should be addressed at the conference, please contact